Ecological Interventions in Wilderness

This supplement provides support to agency staff in completing an MRA or MRDG for proposals for ecological intervention in wilderness, including projects motivated by the preservation of cultural resources. This supplement is needed because ecological intervention in wilderness commonly entails complex legal, scientific, and ethical questions that may be beyond the realm of a typical MRA or MRDG.


Supplement to Minimum Requirements Analysis/Decision Guide: Evaluating Proposals for Ecological Intervention in Wilderness

This supplement would be used early in the proposal evaluation process, prior to the MRA or MRDG, to ensure that the proposal contains all the information that would be needed to evaluate it. Used in this way, it may also identify issues that need to be clarified or resolved before moving forward with the MRA or MRDG and other required analyses. Proposals may be in various stages of review and evaluation under different administrative or legal processes, and this supplement may be similarly useful in these situations.

Research and Scientific Activities and Wilderness Character

This toolbox provides information for wilderness managers and scientists to help determine what types of scientific activities are appropriate in wilderness. The toolbox provides the laws and agency policies affecting these activities but features a tool to provide a consistent and comprehensive framework for evaluating proposals: A Framework to Evaluate Proposals for Scientific Activities in Wilderness.