Interagency Wilderness Policy Council and Steering Committee

ALWRI is administered by USDA Forest Service, Research and Development, Rocky Mountain Research Station, and is also responsive to an Interagency Wilderness Policy Council (IWPC) made up of representatives from the four land management agencies that steward the National Wilderness Preservation System (NWPS), and the USGS (the Department of the Interior’s research arm). ALWRI’s responsiveness to the IWPC is directed per interagency agreement signed by all five agency leaders (directors and chiefs) approximately every decade.  The last 10-year agreement was signed in 2016.  

Together with NWPS management agencies and the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center, ALWRI serves on an Interagency Wilderness Steering Committee, which is intended to advance interagency coordination and consistency around wilderness stewardship.  As members of the Interagency Wilderness Steering Committee, ALWRI and Carhart, respectively, contribute wilderness research and training expertise and advice toward more effective wilderness stewardship and interagency coordination.

Additionally, ALWRI and Carhart collaborate/cooperate on development and delivery of wilderness stewardship and related knowledge.

Organizational chart of the Interagency Wilderness Policy Council and Steering Committee. See text in this web page for more thorough description.