WILD Foundation announces Wild 12, the 12th World Wilderness Congress, and calls for participation.

Six people sit on a stage, under a sign that reads "2023 Montana Outdoor Recreation Summit"

WILD.org and Wilderness Foundation Global issued a formal announcement of the 12th World Wilderness Congress (WILD12), which will be hosted by The Sicangu Lakota Treaty Council in He Sápa, the Black Hills, from Sunday, August 25th to Saturday, August 31st, 2024. The organizers are inviting participants to submit ideas before November 24, 2023, for key themes for the Global Gathering on Knowledge, Wisdom, and Ways of Knowing to elevate the wilderness conservation work of all cultures and from all the world regions. The Congress aims to bring people together from diverse cultures, societies, and regions to discuss wilderness stewardship issues from around the globe. To learn more, visit the Wild12 News Blog.