Redmore participates in panel at the Montana Outdoor Recreation Summit, in Butte, Montana

Six people sit on a stage, under a sign that reads "2023 Montana Outdoor Recreation Summit".

ALWRI social scientist, Lauren Redmore participated as a panelist in the Montana Outdoor Recreation Summit, in Butte, MT, October 11-13. The summit, co-hosted by the University of Montana’s Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research (ITRR), and Montana Access Project, brought together around 300 representatives from government agencies, nonprofit groups, land managers, researchers, and students to help guide solutions to the challenges faced in creating, building, and sustaining Montana’s outdoor recreation experiences.

Lauren, participating in a panel titled “Bridging the Divide: Exploring Equity Issues in Outdoor Recreation.” described the overuse-diversity paradox, explaining that about 92% of wilderness visitors are white, but at the same time national parks and wilderness areas are more crowded than ever. The paradox arises from organizations simultaneously pushing for more underrepresented groups to recreate in these areas, while also trying to protect public lands from overuse. Learn more about the summit and Lauren’s contributions here.