ALWRI fire ecologist Sean Parks featured on CBS News

Title slide for CBS news program On The Dot with David Schechter

A century of fire suppression is worsening wildfires and hurting forests.

ALWRI Research Ecologist Sean Parks was recently featured on the CBS News program On the Dot, with David Schechter, where he was interviewed about changing burn conditions, and wildfire severity, across the Western United States. 

In addition to interviews with Sean and his colleagues at the RMRS Fire Sciences Laboratory, and UCSD, the program features a segment on cultural burning on the Flathead Reservation, in Montana.

Schechter an overview of the complexity of managing fire under a changing climate, with a century's worth of fuel accumulation due to fire supression and lack of cultural burning on the landscape.

To watch the video, and read a transcript of the interview, visit On the Dot, with David Schechter. There may be a few advertisements at the start of the video, but it's well worth the wait!