The Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute welcomes Erana Taylor to our team. Erana is a postdoctoral research ecologist whose current work focuses on climate change adaptation.  With a background in fire ecology and dendrochronology, particularly in systems where human-fire-animal relationships converge, Erana contributes an interdisciplinary perspective to the ALWRI team.  At ALWRI, Erana analyzes climate change adaptation strategies and their potential ecological and social effects in response to climate change through a decision framework called “RAD.”  The RAD framework uses scenario-based evaluations of risks, tradeoffs, and uncertainties in resisting (R), accepting (A), or directing (D) the effects of climate change in federally-designated wilderness areas.  The Institute's RAD in Wilderness project aims to contribute understanding and tools for decision making in the wake of climate-change-driven ecosystem transformations while addressing the special circumstances of wilderness designation.