Susan Fox

Program Director

Phone: (406) 542-4193
Fax: (406) 542-4196

790 East Beckwith Avenue
Missoula, Montana 59801

Research Interests

  • Estimating the magnitude disturbance impacts to southern forests using andscape and regional scale models.
  • Exploring the sensitivity of forests to simulated changes in climatic conditions, land use change, and pest and pathogen interactions.
  • Collaborating with FIA and use monitoring data bases and research findings to evaluate impacts of multiple factors at these two scales.
  • Exploring the possible consequences of spatial structure in genetic variability to mediate the transient responses of forest to disturbance factors and rapid climate change in particular.
  • Integrating the interactive effects of carbon dioxide, nutrition, temperature, soil moisture, and other factors to assess their relative importance in governing tree growth and mortality.