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Suzanne Lingle Schwartz


  • B.A., Sociology, Environmental and Rural Change Emphasis - The University of Montana, Missoula. 2002


Suzanne experimented with a variety of occupations before landing at the Leopold Institute in 2001. She chose to pursue website development as a means to working creatively while providing the flexibility to pursue her educational goals. Fortunately, through the Leopold Institute, she finds inspiration in an environment where wilderness issues and stewardship are being addressed and better understood. Working in part to support the Leopold Institute's Research Application strategy, Suzanne is interested in developing communication tools to facilitate the awareness, promotion, and application of the Leopold Institute's science, and information related to wilderness stewardship. This includes development and maintenance of the Leopold Institute's website, as well as producing web-based content for a broad range of audiences, including managers, scientists, educators, and a diverse public.



Career Interests:

Suzanne would like to continue to find ways to facilitate the tracking and communication of wilderness research. This includes promoting the research being conducted at the Leopold Instutitute and making associated products and other resources available to managers, researchers, educators, and the public.

Current Projects:

Suzanne assists with research application activities and is currently in the process of developing a database driven website for the Institute. She began the website re-development project to 1) increase the Institute's visibility 2) promote the availability of wilderness science 3) provide an organizational structure for Institute deliverables, and 4) provide a tracking mechanism for wilderness relevant research (among other components).
Suzanne also assists with the Institute's publication administration, visual information, and the development of promotional and communication tools for the Institute

Honors: Awards

  • Award for Academic Excellence in Sociology 2002 - University of Montana
  • USDA Certificate of Appreciation (monetary award)
  • Preceptorship - Social Science Statistics, University of Montana

Contact Information:

Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute
790 E. Beckwith Ave.
Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 406-542-3244
Fax: 406-542-4196

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