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Peter Landres


  • Ph.D., Ecology and Biology - Utah State University, Logan, Utah. 1981.
    Dissertation:  Community organization of the arboreal birds in some oak woodlands of western North America.
  • B.S., Natural Science - Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon. 1972.


  • From 1985-1988 I taught ecology, biology, and conservation biology at the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington.
  • From 1989-1992 I taught ecology, evolution, and environmental issues at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado.

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Research Interests:

My research is broadly aimed at developing the knowledge needed to protect and sustain ecological conditions in wilderness, and to develop the strategies and tools for improving the ecological-based management of wilderness nationwide. Wilderness management decisions are based on scientific information as well as on agency policies and social values, and my research reaches into all of these topics.

Current Projects:

  • Wilderness Stewardship Reference System
    A website that provides immediate access to relevant legislation, legislative history, judicial decisions, and agency policies on a wide range of wilderness issues.
  • Predicting Individual Residential Development Near Wilderness For Planning Fuel Treatments
    GIS-based statistical modeling to predict where residential development near wilderness is likely to occur, and therefore where the risks of fire escaping wilderness are the highest. These predictions could be used in reducing fuels outside wilderness to decrease the perceived risk of wilderness fire, thereby decreasing the need for suppressing naturally-ignited fires within wilderness.

Selected Publications:

To access other publications by Peter Landres, please click here.

Carver, Steve; Tricker, James; and Peter Landres. 2013. Keeping it wild: mapping wilderness character in the United States. Journal of Environmental Management,131 (2013) 239-255. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2013.08.046
Leopold Publication Number 800

Tricker James; Landres, Peter; Dingman, Sandee; Callagan, Charlie; Stark, John; Bonstead, Leah; Fuhrmann, Kelly; and Steve Carver. 2012. Mapping wilderness character in Death Valley National Park. Natural Resource Report NPS/DEVA/NRR-2012/503. National Park Service, Fort Collins, Colorado. 82p.
Leopold Publication Number 765

Hourdequin, Marion; Landres, Peter; Hanson, Mark J.; and David R. Craig. 2012. Ethical implications of democratic theory for U.S. public participation in environmental impact assessment. Environmental Impact Assessment Review 35(2012) 37-44.
Leopold Publication Number 764

Landres, Peter; Vagias, Wade M.; and Suzy Stutzman. 2012. Using wilderness character to improve wilderness stewardship. Park Science 28(3). DOI:
Leopold Publication Number 749

Cowley, Jill; Landres, Peter; Memory, Melissa; Scott, Doug; and Adrienne Lindholm. 2012. Integrating cultural resources and wilderness character. Park Science 28(3). DOI:
Leopold Publication Number 748

Adams, Ashley; Landres, Peter; and Simon Kingston. 2012. A database application for wilderness character monitoring. Park Science 28(3). DOI:
Leopold Publication Number 747

Schwartz, Michael K.; Landres, Peter B.; and David J. Parsons. 2011. Wildlife Scientists and Wilderness Managers Finding Common Ground with Noninvasive and Nonintrusive Sampling of Wildlife. International Journal of Wilderness 17(1):4-8.
Leopold Publication Number 731

Craig, David R.; Landres, Peter; Yung, Laurie. 2010. Improving Wilderness Stewardship Through Searchable Databases of U.S. Legislative History and Legislated Special Provisions. International Journal of Wilderness 16(2):27-31.
Leopold Publication Number 714

Hobbs, Richard. J.; Cole, David N.; Yung, Laurie; Zavaleta, Erika S.; Aplet, Gregory H.; Chapin III, F. Stuart; Landres, Peter B.; Parsons, David J.; Stephensen, Nathan L.; White, Peter S.; Graber, David M.; Higgs, Eric S.; Millar, Constance I.; Randall, John M.; Tonnessen, Kathy A.; Woodley, Stephen. 2010. Guiding concepts for Park and wilderness stewardship in an era of global environmental change. Frontiers of Ecology and the Environment (2010) 8(9): 483-490.
Leopold Publication Number 711

Landres, P. 2010. Let it be: A hands-off approach to preserving wildness in protected areas. Pages 88-105 in Beyond Naturalness: Rethinking Park and Wilderness Stewardship in an Era of Rapid Change (D.N. Cole and L. Yung, editors). Island Press, Washington, DC.
Leopold Publication Number 700

Landres, P. 2009. A new tool to evaluate proposals for climate change research in U.S. Wilderness. International Journal of Wilderness 15(3):29-30.
Leopold Publication Number 687

Peter Landres, Mark Fincher, Lewis Sharman, Judy Alderson, Chris Barns, Tom Carlson, Richard L. Anderson, Susan Boudreau, David J. Parsons, Laurel Boyers, Kevin Hood. 2010. A framework to evaluate proposals for scientific activities in wilderness. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station General Technical Report RMRS-GTR-234WWW. Fort Collins, CO.
Leopold Publication Number 686

Landres, P. 2009. The Wilderness Debate Rages On: Continuing the Great New Wilderness Debate. Book review in Ecological Restoration 27(3):364-367.
Leopold Publication Number 679

Landres, P., S. Boutcher, T. Blett, D. Bumpus, T. Carlson, D. Cole, L. Dean, T. Hall, C. Hardy, A. Leach, A. Mebane, L. Merigliano, S. Rinehart, and P. Wright. 2009. Technical Guide for Monitoring Selected Conditions Related to Wilderness Character. 293 pages. USDA Forest Service, General Technical Report WO-80. US Government Printing Office, Washington, DC.
Leopold Publication Number 678

Keane, R.E., P.F. Hessburg, P.B. Landres, and F.J. Swanson. 2009. The use of historical range and variability (HRV) in landscape management. Forest Ecology and Management 258:1025-1037.
Leopold Publication Number 677

Landres, Peter; Hennessy, Mary Beth; Schlenker, Kimberly; Cole, David N.; Boutcher, Steve. 2008. Applying the concept of wilderness character to national forest planning, monitoring, and management. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-217WWW. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 45 p.
Leopold Publication Number 662

Landres, Peter; Barns, Chris; Dennis, John G.; Devine, Tim; Geissler, Paul; McCasland, Curtis S.; Merigliano, Linda; Seastrand, Justin; Swain, Ralph. 2008. Keeping It Wild: An Interagency Strategy to Monitor Trends in Wilderness Character Across the National Wilderness Preservation System. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-212. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 77 p.
Leopold Publication Number 654

Landres, P., B. Barr, and C.F. Kormos. 2008. A comparison of international wilderness laws. Pages 31-54 in A Handbook on International Wilderness Law and Policy (C.F. Kormos, editor). Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, CO.
Leopold Publication Number 640

Sharman, L.C., P. Landres, and S. Boudreau. 2007. Developing a framework for evaluating proposals for research in wilderness: science to protect and learn from parks. Alaska Park Science 6(2):100-103.
Leopold Publication Number 634

Landres, P. 2005. Balancing the benefits and impacts of science in Alaska's wilderness. Alaska Park Science 4(2):44-46.
Leopold Publication Number 564

Landres, P., S. Boutcher, L. Merigliano, C. Barns, D. Davis, T. Hall, S. Henry, B. Hunter, P. Janiga, M. Laker, A. McPherson, D.S. Powell, M. Rowan, and S. Sater. 2005. Monitoring selected conditions related to wilderness character: a national framework. USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station General Technical Report, RMRS-GTR-151. Fort Collins, CO. 38 pages.
Leopold Publication Number 544

Landres, P. 2004. Developing indicators to monitor the "outstanding opportunities" quality of wilderness character. International Journal of Wilderness 10(3):8-11, 20.
Leopold Publication Number 534

Landres, P. 2004. Managing the wild in designated wilderness. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9:498-499.
Leopold Publication Number 531

Parsons, D.J., P.B. Landres, and C. Miller. 2003. The dilemma of managing and restoring natural fire and fuels in United States wilderness. Pages 19-26 in Proceedings of Fire Conference 2000: The First National Congress of Fire Ecology, Prevention, and Management (K.E.M. Galley, R.C. Klinger, and N.G. Sugihara, editors). Miscellaneous Publication No. 13, Tall Timbers Research Station, Tallahassee, FL.
Leopold Publication Number 499

Landres, P., J. Alderson, and D.J. Parsons. 2003. The challenge of doing science in wilderness: historical, legal, and policy context. George Wright FORUM 20(3):42-49.
Leopold Publication Number 488

Contact Information:

Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute
790 E. Beckwith Ave.
Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 406-542-4189
Fax: 406-542-4196
E-mail: plandres [at]

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